Team Player

I always believe success can be easily ganied when doing it with a team. We can easily avoid biasness, local optima and self gain while working as a group.

Being disiplined helps

I got derailed and out of focus many times in my life. Everytime I brought discipline in daily life and was back on track. With age, I feel more disciplined and focused now.

Learning never ends

Learning new things irrespective of topic always influences me to go on. For example, when I moved to Canada for graduate study, I started to learn cooking out of neccessity and it energized me to focus on my academic projects more.

Humanity is what matters

Whether it is volunteer, academic or professional activity, humanity has always been my top priority. I am a firm believer of "technology for human, human is not for technology".

Hello, This is Khaled.

I am a software engineer under the Department of Computer Science, University of Saskatchewan, Canada, leading a team of four to develop a data management system, SciDataManager, for 37.2 Million Dollar funded Plant Phenotyping and Imaging Research Center (P2IRC) project. Before migrating to Canada for higher studies, I was a lecturer at one of the prominent universities in Bangladesh, Daffodil International University. I also worked as a web developer in one of the promising regional youth organizations in Bangladesh, South Asian Youth Society.

I completed my Masters of Science (M.Sc) in Computer Science from the University of Saskatchewan in January 2020. During my M.Sc, I was a graduate research assistant at Software Research Lab (SRLab) and published two research projects in the top-tier conferences of Software Engineering. Earlier I completed my Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering from Khulna University, Bangladesh. I was within the top-5 students in my class acquiring a cumulative GPA of 3.53 out of 4.00 that is equivalent to 74% marks.

I was one of the top ACM problem solvers in my bachelor's and got few awards within the university. I participated in national and regional contests regularly. Apart from the programming contest, I devoted my leisure time doing different volunteer and leadership activities. I always feel myself being one of the few fortunate to get all amenities of life without asking. Thus it is my responsibility to ensure the same for the deprived ones.

Work Experience

I am very fortunate share my work spaces with a lot of inspirational, motivated, hardworking and passionate people.

Software Engineer

Department of Computer Science, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

November 2019-Present

Developed the data management platform for 37.2M CAD funded Plant Phenotyping and Imaging Research Center (P2IRC) that accommodates more than 100 TB of multidisciplinary data (Satellite Image, Genome Sequence, UAV, LiDAR, Soil, Weather, and Census Data).
Worked directly with the stakeholders to determine the user stories, led the agile, iterative, and incremental software engineering practices, and increased user engagement by 150% in last six months.
Presented the data management proposal to top international research institutes that evolved partnership in long term initiatives (MOU between GIFS and Bangladesh, Global Water Future, Canadian Light Source Inc.)

Graduate Research Assistant

Software Research Lab, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

September 2017-October 2019

Researched and developed tools (COSTER, COSTERJS, DAMCA) that mined over 25 million code snippets from Github and Stack Overflow and solved software engineering problems (code recommendation, type inference).
Maintained and gave support to the largest code clone dataset BigCloneBench (over 8 million manually validated clone pairs).
Collaborated with brilliant researchers across the globe (Queens University, Dalhousie University, Microsoft).



Daffodil International University, Bangladesh

September 2016-August 2017

Organized and instructed CS courses to 250+ students (Data Structure, Algorithm, Software Development)
Prepared the assignments, lab tutorials, and semester final questions and evaluated the assignment submissions and answer scripts.


Web Developer

South Asian Youth Society, Bangladesh

February 2015-September 2017

Developed and maintained Model SAARC 2015, SAYS Diaries, and SAYS Initiatives websites.



I have been taught by some wonderful minds in thier respective areas.

Masters of Science

University of Saskatchewan, Canada

September 2017-January, 2020

Major: Software Engineering
Thesis: Learning APIs through Mining Code Snippet Examples
Awards: Department Scholarships (2017-2019), Faculty Stipend (2017-2019), Arst and Science Travel Grant 2020.
Volunteer Activities: Organized career fair, research poster showcase being the executive Member of Computer Scienc Graduate Council (CSGC) and Graduate Student Assocaition (GSA) representative, executive member of IEEE North Saskatchewan section.


Bachelor of Science

Khulna University, Bangladesh

June 2011-June, 2016

Major: Computer Science and Engineering
Thesis: Chemical Reaction Optimization Algorithm for solving Shortest Common Supersequence Problem.
Awards: University Scholarship, 2012-2016, Champion department programming contest 2015.
Volunteer Activities: Debate, Journalism, Class Representative at CSE Reunion 2012, Campus Representative of South Asian Youth Society, General Secretary of Computer Club (CLUSTER), Campus lead of Microsoft Student Partner, Convener at CSE FEST 2015, RAG 15 Khulna University, and Bangla new year celebration, 2014.


Higher Secondary Certificate

Rajuk Uttara Model College, Bangladesh

August 2008-June, 2010

Major: Science
Grade: GPA 5.00 out of 5.00
Volunteer Activities: College Sports Prefect, Debate, Member at Science club, Participated at 4 × 100 meters relay, cricket, and football on behalf of the institution at Intercollege sports tournament, 2009.


School Secondary Certificate

Ideal School and College, Bangladesh

January 2002-April, 2008

Major: Science
Grade: GPA 5.00 out of 5.00
Awards: University Scholarship, 2012-2016, Champion department programming contest 2015.
Volunteer Activities: Debate, Participated at Inter School Science Fair 2006-08.

Ideal School and College


Technical Skills

Proficiient with: Java, Python, Postgres, Linux, Git, Docker, Apache Lucene, Elastic Search, Spring Boot, Eclipse JDK, Python-Flask, SQLAlchemy, Word Embedding, Word2Vec.
Familiar with: JavaScript, TypeScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, Redux, Tensorflow, Keras, Pandas, Numpy.

Soft Skills

Strong With: Leadership, Communication, Teamwork, Research, Creativity, Problem Solving.




Preservation, sharing and retention platforms for P2IRC (meta)data


Neural encoder decoder for method argument completion


Context Sensitive Type Solver for Java


Autoated type annotation for JS


BigCloneBench based clone detection tools evaluation platform

SAYS Model SAARC 2015

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